Technology Copywriting

So, why aren’t you using

the secret marketing weapon

that triples your technology sales,

works while you sleep,

and makes customers love you?

Our powerful copywriting

melts resistance,

ignites desire…

and puts your competition

on red alert.

If people don’t care what you’re saying, you’ll spend all your money on marketing and get absolutely nowhere.

You might be excited about your great new product…
… but let’s face it: most people don’t care.

The secret is to find the people who do care. And figure out how to reach them.

Why? Because no one’s paying ANY attention to your ads.
People are bombarded with ads from the moment they wake up —
and they ignore most of them.
But if you can prove that you understand your customers,
and that what you offer is something they really want,
there’s virtually no limit to your sales potential.

Professional copywriting makes all your marketing better.

90% of businesses have no idea what they’re doing wrong in their print marketing, but it’s obvious to me… and should be obvious to you:

If you need to reach your customers,you need incredible copywriting.
Surprisingly, many businesses never even think to hire a pro copywriter: how well do you think they’re doing these days?

In a cutthroat industry like technology, you need all the help you can get. So here’s a little secret…

Magnetic, attention-getting copy is the greatest asset a company can have.

That’s why there’s just no substitute for a professional copywriter… especially one who really “gets” the technology industry and can translate all its complexity. Someone who speaks your language–and your customers’.

That’s why you don’t just need a copywriter… you need me.


My name’s Michael Cook, and I’m a freelance copywriter with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. But to my clients… and to you!… I’m a secret weapon.
Why? Because…

  • I save you time — because I already know what your product can do
  • I save you stress — because I learn your product as fast as you can make it
  • I save your image — because I know how to communicate and clarify your true value
  • I save you money — because I have the perspective and experience to help you build a better product
  • If you’re not arming yourself with powerful, persuasive copy, you’re simply not getting most people’s attention. Let me help!

    When you’re ready to see what high-caliber, full-force copywriting will do for your brand, give me a call at 347-286-8707. You’ll love it– or you won’t pay for it.

    “Isn’t hiring a copywriter expensive?”

    Worried about the rates? Don’t be. If we “click”– and you’ll know right away if that’s the case– then I’ll be happy to produce powerful, persuasive and compelling copy that fits your budget… whatever it may be.

    Just get in touch (call 1-347-286-8707) and I’ll make sure you get what you need.

    - Michael

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