Apple LCA

Lifecycle Assessment for Apple Apple products have always been designed to leave a small environmental footprint, and Apple computers have earned the highest Environmental Assessment rating possible. A product’s LCA (Lifecycle Assessment) is a great way to measure its total manufacturing “cost” in energy, materials and carbon footprint, so we’ll examine Apple’s LCA below. Cost to Manufacture an Apple Product Apple’s manufacturing process is... Read More

DVD burner ad (before & after)

After: The Pioneer DVR-118L offers write speeds up to 22x on DVD-R/+R media, and dual-layer speeds up to 12x on DVD-R/+R DL media. You’ll love how it makes disc burning fast and easy, with a new design that’s more durable and super-quiet. It’s the perfect choice for backing up your important files or creating DVD movies and music CDs. New features: Quiet. The unique internal-interlock design dramatically reduces noise by dampening vibrations and internal sounds when... Read More